Copyright issues are very important in the new world of shared connectivism. We need to understand copyright law and how to use it properly. Take the copyright quiz on Hall Davidson's resource page (scroll to the bottom). How much of the copyright law do you know?

Copyright on photos on Flickr, music on Podsafe Music, media of all types needs to be respected. Fortunately, because of this shared connection, a new type of copyright is becoming established. It is called Creative Commons. It allows people to share content legally and easily. Here's a video from the Creative Commons Website that explains how ti works.

There are a collection of great videos from the Creative Commons website that will help you and your colleagues learn more about how and why to use creative commons. Students should be guided to respect and credit the work of others and use the new Creative Commons to copyright their own work.
To learn more about copyright, particularly when using digital media in podcasting, read the blog and listen to the podcast by Wesley Fryer,
Podcast96: Copyright, Fair Use, Intellectual Property & Podcasting. Wesley clearly explains copyright and fair use, and how the new Creative Commons allows students and educators to use creative commons media for their podcasts.