CUELA Participants

Click on the following links to access some of the resources we discussed during the workshop.

Janice's Bloglines-
Youssef's Bloglines-
Google docs are awesome. Google Docs and Spreadsheets
Google for Educators-
Social Bookmarking through The LAUSD District 6 one is at Janice's collection is at
For a really cool way to customize your start page try Netvibes, Pageflakes or Protopage
The web page you're on right now -
Legal sharing and reuse of cultural, educatinal and scientific works-
Online dictionary for technology terms-
Create your own wiki -
Search for blogs by tags or keywords -
Store, share, sort, and search for photos (can also search via tags, COOL)- Flickr
K-12 Online Conference - a wonderful, unique online conference that you can attend anytime to learn more about the Read/Write Web
Are you a Web 2.0 newbie? These 4 videos will really help - accounts created by participants (add these users to your network)