VoiceThreadis an engaging, multimedia application that allows users to combine text, audio, video, and annotations into a project that can be shared with others.
To see an demonstration of how voicethread can be used, watch this VoiceThread presentation:

When you create an account at Voice Thread, the above presentation, along with others that help you set up your microphone and how to use the Doodler tool are included in your MyVoice Tab. Additional tutorials can be found in the Help/Tutorials Menu.

VoiceThread for Educators

VoiceThread offers educators free Pro accounts, which give the user an unlimited number of VoiceThreads and unlimited storage space. When you sign up for your free VoiceThread account, make sure that you use your school email address. This is necessary in order to get the free Educator Pro account. After signing up, follow the directions listed here to upgrade your account to the free Pro Account.

VoiceThread has also created an educational space restricted to only K-12 educators called EdVoiceThread. This service costs a small fee.

VoiceThread Examples

  • MathCast 500 - A project where educators and students can contribute to the growing number of voicethreads that address the math standards.
  • Great Book Stories - Add to the growing number of innovative book reports done on VoiceThread that are then shared on this wiki.
  • A Visit to the Galapagos Islands - Students reflecting on pictures from the Galapagos Island.
  • Amazing Hug - A voicethread created by deaf students, telling their story of an amazing hug - in sign language.
  • Celebrate Educational Blogging - To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the word "weblog", educators from around the world contributed their thoughts on what blogging has meant to them.
  • Virtual Tour - A principal gives a virtual tour of new items for the teachers in her school

Additional Resources

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