What is Youtube?

Youtube has millions of videos that can be watched online. Some of these videos provide content that is appropriate for enhancing lessons if only Youtube wasn't blocked in schools. (Useful video examples, Martin Luther King speech, historical news clips, classic television, movie trailers, science experiments, travel videos for parts of the world you're studying, and much more).

How Can I Download Youtube Videos?
Zamzar.com is a site that allows you to download Youtube videos to keep on your computer and view later. This allows you to take Youtube movies to school with you to show them there. Here's an article on how to use Zamzar to download videos.

For Mac users, Tube TV is a free (donations requested) program that allows you to do the same in just one step.


Teachertube is an alternative to Youtube with movies for the classroom. It is less likely to be blocked though it has far fewer films. If you sign up for an account, you will be able to download movies right from the site.

Favorite Educational Viral Videos

These are videos about education and/or the read/write/web though they're not necessarily for viewing in the classroom.