What is Web 2.0 - or the Read-Write Web?

external image 266930394_c59670c94e_m.jpg The nature of the web is changing from a static to a more dynamic, interactive, social place. The social characteristics of this new set of web tools is sometimes referred to as Web 2.0 or the Read-Write Web. Conversation, collaboration, and creation are terms used to describe Web 2.0. It allows for social interaction and discourse. Instead of just being a one way source of information where information is consumed, the web now allows people to have conversations about that information, and to then create new content from those conversations. Teachers can use these new tools to engage students in meaningful, collaborative conversations that validate the worth of student contribution.

The read write web allows individuals with like interests and passions to learn from one another. I started this wiki as a place to collect learning about tools. I now open it up for all educators to contribute and update.

Below is a list of resources to get started today:

Personal Learning Tools/Professional Development

Inspired from the PBS/Classroom 2.0 Webinar: Summertime and Your Personal Learning Network, by Alice Barr, Cheryl Oakes, and Bob Sprankle

Social Networks

  • Ning.com
  • Facebook - a place to share your life through interaction with friends through updates, images, videos, and more. This can be a more personal connection, finding connections with many different groups of friends.
  • Linkedin - A network used primarily for connecting on a professional level.

Micro Blogging


Collaborative Writing and BackChanneling

  • Etherpad - real time text and chat - great for collaborating when you are doing a voip call (see above)

Virtual Worlds



  • EdTech Talk

  • EdTech Live - a series of workshops and interviews from Classroom 2.0 and the Future of Education networks by Steve Hargadon.

Online Conference

Video Streaming



  • Podcast RSS Aggregator - iTunes
  • Fantastic Podcasts to Learn From
    • Tech Chick Tips - Anna Adam and Helen - Lively tips and tools to use in your classroom
    • Speed of Creativity - Wesley Fryer - A brilliant educator who offers PD about education, pedagogy, and using tech tools in the classroom.
    • Ted Talks - From the Ted Conference - A rich variety of speakers on a variety of topics

Social Bookmarking

Classroom Tools

Blooms Taxonomy - Revised

How will you get started using Web 2.0 tools?
Great videos to begin the conversation about why Web 2.0 is so important:
Did You Know 2.0 by Karl Fisch

Pay Attention by Darren Draper

A Vision of Students Today by students of Michael Wesch

Mr. Winkle Wakes - by Mathew Needleman

How about 80 other videos to inspire you and make you think? Check out Alec Couros's list of videos.